Joe is a true PR professional, and I am most impressed with his ability to seamlessly grasp all things social and apply this ever changing media to traditional business challenges. His unique style of storytelling helps brands build personality, along with loyalty. His ability to generate unique, fresh content in a timely news reporter style is remarkable. Celia Ffrench, Vice President of Marketing at West Coast University and American Career College

Joe is one of the best PR professionals in the business. He knows just what to do, who to call, and how to make things happen. His ability to connect and be on point is one of the traits that differentiates him from others. Joe’s creativity combined with his empathy and intelligence make him one of a kind. Susan Pailet, Vice President of Graduate Services at West Coast University, American Career College & Contemporary Forums

Joe is a true PR & social media expert in an ocean of imposters. We’ve worked closely together over the past year at Brandman U where Joe has done an amazing job securing unprecedented broadcast media and print opportunities, creating the University’s blog, increasing our social media presence across platforms, and producing an endless # of highly professional videos featuring Brandman students and staff. Joe is passionate about PR and higher education. He’s an infinite source of energy and ideas with the experience and skill to turn those ideas into real results. Rita Wilds, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Advancement & Communications at Brandman University – Chapman University System

Joe was the most integral member of the communications team that I led at Marquette University. As a manager, you want someone on your team who will take a project and truly own it. That is Joe. He is tenacious, creative, and one of the most passionate people I have ever worked with. Joe’s biggest strength is in his uncanny ability to create and maintain strategic relationships. I have seen them pay off time and time again. If I were forming a PR team in the future, Joe would be my first call. Ben Tracy, Correspondent, CBS News

I first came to know Joe because of a campaign his company, I Should Be in the News (ISBITN) created to garner the attention of the CEO of the company I worked at….Help A Reporter Out. Creative, innovative and tenacious are just a few of Joe’s strengths. As a former journalist himself, he’s a sharp pitchman with a knack for not wasting the media’s time, and for knowing what to deliver to a busy reporter just in time, just the right way. Great writer, producer and communications strategist. He’s top notch. I’d hire him. Any time. Thom Brodeur, President & COO at Maria Shire

Joe has really put in the effort needed to start getting my firm noticed by media, with the expected positive results that such hard work brings. He is easy to work with, has quickly adapted to my own personal idiosyncracies, and is committed to my firm’s short and long term success. Robert Nagle, Founder, Nagle Law Group

Joe is the consummate media/public relations professional. Every interaction with Joe is positive and results-focused.  Joe was a key facilitator that helped us develop strong personal relationships with media outlets in the greater Houston area, generating ROI far beyond his direct effort with us. I highly recommend Joe to his potential employers and clients. He’s a great asset to any PR effort, and he will not let you down! Peter Difilippantonio, Vice President, Jobing.com

A natural-born connector of people and ideas, Joe is an enthusiastic, conscientious and innovative public relations resource. He not only knows how to manage a story, but how to shine new light on a brand or company through careful, strategic public relations. Lora Dow, Vice President of Marketing, Donor By Design

Joe did a phenomenal job taking PR to the next level when we worked together at University of Phoenix; he is a dynamic leader who knows how to successfully manage a complex team. Since then, I’ve always been impressed with Joe’s success and how smooth he is when he’s doing the morning show circuit. Brian Mayer, Vice President of Marketing, University of Phoenix 

Joe had an instrumental role in several high-profile projects, including our first corporate branding campaign, the naming rights for the University of Phoenix Stadium, and he spearheaded important organizational research on our market demographics. Joe is a gifted writer, creative thinker, and he is passionate about public relations. He would be a tremendous asset for any organization. Joe is all about passion, vision, dedication, connections, and professionalism. Whether it’s building or protecting a brand or launching a new product or service, Joe is the “Go To Guy.” Justin O’Brien, Director of Marketing Operations, University of Phoenix 

I’ll never forget that Joe’s first week at Marquette was also our Final Four run in the NCAA, a time that brought all hands on deck to deal with every conceivable communication issue. He literally hit the ground running and in the following time with our team, was always ready and willing to provide his expertise and enthusiasm. Every project that we collaborated on was an enjoyable experience and his great sense of humor made it a pleasure as well. His dedication to achieving a resounding success on every project while keeping those around him at ease makes him a true professional. Steve Shultz, Senior Communications Consultant 

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Joe in a highly charged, politically diverse, extremely high-profile position. In spite of the pressures on the role, Joe carried himself with poise, delivering outstanding results for the organization. He’s been tested under fire and has proved himself repeatedly as an invaluable member of the communications team. Pete Wright, Founder, Fifth & Main

I worked for Joe as a PR intern both at the YMCA and at Marquette University. Joe’s willingness to share his expertise with those around him and his genuine passion for his work creates a supportive and enjoyable work environment, one that encourages everyone to work as a team and confront challenges head-on. Joe has impeccable attention to detail, drive to succeed, and determination to complete every task to the absolute best of his ability. I truly could not think of a better boss than Joe and am sincerely grateful for his invaluable encouragement and guidance. Laura Gurzynski Weiss, Assistant Director, Summer Institute at Georgetown University

Surely, Joe’s record speaks for itself but what is most striking about Joe is his overwhelming enthusiasm for the project in front of him. He’s not a 9-5’er, he lives and breathes this stuff. His creativity, ability to create opportunity and get the job done are great assets. Joe doesn’t “do” PR, Joe IS PR. Amanda Blum, Owner, Howling Zoe Productions

When we decided to hold a benefit show for the victims of the flooding back in our home state of Iowa, Joe volunteered his time to help us. With only about 10 days to make it happen, the results were phenomenal! Joe single-handedly generated news coverage in over 10 newspapers and stories on numerous radio stations, but the most amazing thing was that we had live news crews at the event from both the FOX and ABC affiliates in Los Angeles, leading the evening newscasts on both stations. Tyler Kamerman, Los Angeles 

Joe has a knack in delivering great results and brings tremendous value to the organization he represents through use of his networking channels, relationship building skills and pure determination. With a constant smile and good word to share, he is a great team member of any and all who have the opportunity to work with him. John Mathern, Events Director, Jobing.com

Joe is an awesome PR guy. He propelled the Jobing.com brand to a national level with key articles in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and appearances on CNN, Good Morning America, FOX Business Network, and more!  Joe is a natural leader who’s fun to be around, and he has LOTS of great ideas. You’ll like working with him, and he’ll make your brand famous! Joe Twohig, Media Consultant, San Diego 

Joe Cockrell was an enthusiastic and integral volunteer member of our early efforts to promote Pursue the Passion. His connections, industry knowledge and hustle not only enabled him to effectively promote our project but catalyzed our own efforts to follow his example. Zack Hubbell , Vice President, Pursue the Passion

If he isn’t in Houston or San Diego or Miami or Denver or Las Vegas drumming up coverage, then he’s got a CNN crew at the corporate headquarters or Good Morning America doing a piece… Joe never stops. He’s the Energizer Bunny of public relations. Mike Shaldjian, Vice President, Media Watch AZ

As an Emmy award winning journalist and network anchor and correspondent, Joe Cockrell has been an invaluable media resource. His commitment to providing pertinent, relevant, factual information in a timely manner has made him a consistent go to guy; especially while under deadline. His pitches are always timely and relevant and he’s known for going above and beyond to assist media. Christina Brown, Anchor/Reporter, MSNBC, New York 

My first live shot with Joe Cockrell was a hit. In the months ahead he would send great story ideas. Not just one, not two…but several; timely ideas with hard angles that demonstrates he knows how to work with media. Always thinking. Always a step ahead. And most importantly, he’s always smiling and having fun Tony Arranaga, Reporter, ABC 15 News Phoenix 

I had the pleasure of working with Joe when he was in public relations at Marquette University in Milwaukee. And, Joe delivers. Whatever you need to make the story come alive, Joe would bend over backwards to help. He’s somebody that can get it done and quickly! Chris Goodman, Anchor/Reporter, FOX 6 News, Milwaukee 

Joe has been an invaluable contact… he has been a great source for story ideas during the economic downturn and has helped my station with several story ideas about the job market. The best part about working with Joe is the enthusiasm he brings to his work. John Garity, Executive Producer, WKMG-TV, Orlando