A special video for Valentine’s Day

We set up a camera in the lobby at the Brandman University central administration building in Irvine and asked students, faculty and staff “what do you love about Brandman” for this special video in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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Social Media Moms Choose Sex Over Facebook This Valentine’s Day

If given the choice to go without one thing for Valentine’s Day, about 76% of social media savvy women choose to give up Facebook over sex with their spouse or partner, according to a new survey by SocialMoms.com, a network of 35,000 influential moms who are active in social media.

Results of the SocialMoms 2012 Valentine’s Day Survey revealed the need for human connection significantly outweighs those connections made via social media. The average SocialMoms.com member is ranked in the top .05% of all Twitter users by follower count, is five times more likely than the average woman in the US to carry a smartphone, and twice as likely to own a tablet computer.

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