Consumers Turn to Search & Social Media for Purchasing Decisions

Study of leading brands, including consumer electronics manufacturer Dell, show search and social media prompt a virtuous circle of channel engagement

The role of search and social media in a consumer’s path to purchase is a virtuous circle, where activity in one channel fuels engagement in the other, says a new study released by GroupM Search and comScore, Inc.

The research, which included analysis of online consumer engagement and purchase for leading advertisers including Dell and others in the telecommunications and consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories, revealed that 40 percent of consumers who use search in their path to purchase are motivated to use social media to further their decision making process. Similarly, 46 percent of consumers who use social media in the purchase pathway are driven to use search to expand their knowledge about their likely purchase. These findings demonstrate the emergence of search and social media as essential channels in the online path to purchase for consumers today. [Read more…]