PR Playbook: Brandman University – General News Highlights

Brandman University – General News Highlights

Feature story about new app-based degree program that first ran on CBS in LA was picked up by Newspath and fed to affiliates – in all the story ran on 104 CBS sta9ons across the U.S. and CBS This Morning. First national TV story for the university.

Dr. Felica Haecker, one of the first Ed.D. graduates, was a guest on Good Day Sacramento and discusses her experience at Brandman University.

CBS 2 & KCAL 9 feature stories about commencement speaker (story ran 9 times on the two stations)

  • Front page (Daily Pilot) feature with photos also ran in metro sec9on of LA Times: brandman-grad-20160528-story.html
  • Front page, above the fold feature story in OC Register about Veteran student who overcame a terminal cancer diagnosis and the university created a scholarship in his honor hUp:// veterans.html

Click here to download a PDF of this page from my PR Playbook, showcasing the most recent news placements.

PR Playbook

Front page feature story about 64-year-old graduate

tn-tn-dpt-me-0529-brandman-grad-2-jpg-20160528Reporter Alex Chan, who writes for the LA Times and Daily Pilot, visited the 2016 Southern California Commencement ceremony for Brandman University for this story and feature photos about a 64-year-old graduate who has had quite the journey:


Brandman University: New Year’s Campaign

Partnered with Nielsen Media Research to conduct a Harris Poll. Survey asked about resolutions, obstacles, and some questions just for fun. Created online newsroom with visuals and video clips for media to download. National campaign launched 12/21/15 and generated tremendous media coverage with a publicity value of at least $2.3M.

  • 217 TV stories across the U.S. primarily through syndicated NBC story from Los Angeles. Total TV reach 14.6M
  • 3 Live TV appearances on “Good Morning San Diego”, “Good Day Sacramento,” “Good Morning Arizona” (was fed to CNN but tornadoes in the south bumped for breaking news)
  • 4 radio interviews KOMO in Seattle, WCBS in New York City and KNX radio in Los Angeles, ABC Syndicated Radio news
  • 8 newspaper hits: Boston Globe, Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, Dallas Morning News, Orlando Sentinel, Sacramento Bee, Modesto Bee
  • 245 online stories via PR Web – 212.574M online impressions
  • Social media reach of <1.8M


National News Placement: MyPath

MyPath, Brandman’s new competency-based bachelor’s program where students earn a bachelor’s degree entirely on an iPad, made a lot of headlines this week. A story with CBS News reporter Chris Martinez, featuring an interview with Chancellor Gary Brahm and student Colin Grieg, landed on CBS This Morning and was aired on over 100 local CBS affiliates across the United States. In all, the story was seen by more than 10 million people. Below you’ll find clips from some of the markets where Brandman University operates in California, and Seattle.

Labor of Love

I spent the morning on Labor Day this year with my friends at Good Day Sacramento for two live in-studio segments about the teacher shortage in California, and an exciting new program launching at Brandman University. Check out the clips below.




Tweet to local reporter turns into TV story seen all over the U.S.

Here is a real life example of why Twitter is essential to public relations, whether you are a P.R. pro or business owner trying to promote your company.

It’s no secret that Twitter is a powerful tool for connecting and interacting with local reporters; this week provided a good example as to why Twitter is essential to public relations – whether you are a verteran P.R. pro or business owner trying to promote your company.

I saw a tweet from Tim Vetscher, a Phoenix TV reporter who works for ABC 15. He had a story lined up, but something fell through and he turned to Twitter for any quick story ideas.

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PR Playbook: Unprecedented Media Coverage for Border Security Expo


Responsible for media relations for the 6th Annual Border Security Expo, a two-day event held at the Phoenix Convention Center. Event organizers wanted to generate local buzz for the event to both increase awareness and promote exhibitors.

Leveraging news topic of border issues in Arizona, combined with stunning visuals event provides, execute proactive media outreach to secure morning show lives on-location as well as recorded stories for evening news. Generate coverage in Phoenix and also pitch national reporters who cover immigration or border security.

In advance, sent out event media advisories followed by personal pitches to both local and national media outlets. Leveraged local media relationships to line up TV coverage through outreach to individual reporters and producers. During the event, posted photos and updates via Twitter, which generated second wave of media coverage the second day of the event where reporters could interview law enforcement attendees from around the world.

Coverage from every major news organization in Phoenix, including live television broadcasts on three stations; total of 8 TV stations (Phoenix and Tucscon), 3 newspapers and 4 radio stations. An Associated Press article and photo ran in newspapers across the country. Other national coverage included CNN, New York Times, NPR, FOX News and NBC Nightly News. Here are some examples:

PR Playbook: As Gas Prices Rose, So Did’s Exposure


Summary: Escalating gas prices in 2008 fueled a media campaign, highlighting a unique employee benefit at and generating unprecedented media exposure. The media coverage splashed the logo on airwaves all over the country.

Strategy: The vehicle wrap program allowed employees who turn their cars into mobile billboards for the company to get an additional $500 added to their paycheck every month and picks up the tab for 100% of employee fuel costs. The strategy was to launch a two-tiered media campaign capitalizing on gas price buzz; after securing a major national hit I would aggressively reach out to local TV in each of’s markets.

Tactics: The tactics were fairly simple: secure a solid national media placement and use as a springboard for local media outreach. That outlet proved to be the Wall Street Journal, who sent an advance copy of the article to producers at Good Morning America, who also wanted to run a segment the same morning the story would hit the paper.

Results: saw unprecedented national exposure and employee-driven vehicles plastered with company logo were seen by millions of eyeballs. Following the WSJ story and Good Morning America segment were stories on CNN, FOX News, CBS News, Forbes, and the New York Times. Through aggressive local media outreach, the pitch generated numerous local media placements:

  • Coverage in 11 different Jobing markets, including a feature story w/ photo on the front page of the Denver Post
  • Local stories from the NBC affiliate in Dallas and FOX affiliate in Phoenix were shared via satellite network feed and ran in an additional 36 U.S. markets
  • 13 million media impressions, ad value of $2.5 million



PR Playbook: New Year, New Career

Summary:, a regional employment website, needed additional exposure at the beginning of the hiring year. I devised a local media campaign to coincide with an aggressive advertising buy that would launch in January 08. The goal was to drive job seeker traffic to the website through local media exposure while also building brand awareness and capturing local market share.


  • Developed individual media pitches for each of’s U.S. markets, revolving around the national pitchNew Year’s


  • Created a set of five tips for people who wanted to find a new job in 2008, called the “Five P’s” for finding a new job in 2008: probe, prioritize, project, plan, and persistence.
  • Media training involved talking points and key messages to local Community Relations Managers for use with local media
  • Other media coaching was conducted both on-site and via webinar
  • Secured a national placement that would run the final week of the year

Results: From December 31 – January 7, the campaign generated:

  • 104 media placements
    13 national stories (including the Wall Street Journal)
    91 local hits in 14 different markets
    1.5 million media impressions ($750K ad value)

 Here is an example; live TV interview in Houston.


PR Playbook: SSSSHHHH! You’re in the library!

Marquette University

Summary: Event to celebrate new library at Marquette University was not the typical ribbon-cutting ceremony


  • Leverage media interest in actor Martin Sheen as guest speaker at ceremony to tell bigger story of the library’s innovative design & advanced technology
  • Execute communications campaigns for both internal and external audiences to drive attendance to the ceremony and awareness of Marquette’s library resources


  • Personal outreach and media materials were distributed to media prior to opening
  • Informational tours with local media prior to opening
  • Gave the student newspaper “special access” to certain parts of the facility to ensure students were engaged and excited.
  • Working with Mr. Sheen’s publicist we were able to give local media access to the actor in a personalized press event after the ceremony.


  • Media coverage included:
    o Front-page story with large photo in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    o Two different TV stations broadcasted Martin Sheen’s speech live
    o Regional coverage, including Chicago media
    o Story was picked up nationally by hundreds of newspapers, including USA Today, many included a photo of Mr. Sheen in academic regalia in front of the MU insignia.
    o Celebrity-focused media coverage included US Weekly, People Magazine and Inside Edition.