A special video for Valentine’s Day

We set up a camera in the lobby at the Brandman University central administration building in Irvine and asked students, faculty and staff “what do you love about Brandman” for this special video in celebration of Valentine’s Day.


Sheila Steinberg: I love Brandman University because we totally rock!

Kirstie Colin: I love Brandman because the people here are so friendly and everyone is focused on health and wellness and I love it.

Lindsay Racen: I love Brandman because it gave me a love connection. I met my husband here.

Jan Hartz: Well, I love Brandman because we care!

Terry Hadfield: I love my students.

Ram Singh: I love the quality of education. I love the interaction.

Frank Rodriguez: I love Brandman University because of the family environment.

Christine Zeppos: I love Brandman because i get to be able to create inspirational teachers.

Steinberg: We rock because students are so great, the faculty are so great, the staff …

Massiel Perez (with Edward De La Torre): We love Brandman because as employees we can be part of employee-led initiatives like our Healthy U wellness program.

Shelly Neal: I love working at Brandman University because I get to be a part of something really big!

Hartz: We care about faculty, we care about students …

Gretchen Harper: I love my bosses!

Michael Ngo: I love Brandman because of the wellness program

Steinberg:  Go Brandman!

Marcos Jimenez Everything about Brandman is amazing!

Hartz: We want to make your life better.

Haley Wragg: This is actually the first course I’ve taken and I walked into the room and everyone actually cared about who I was.

Deanna Lawson: I’m allowed to bring my therapy dog with me and we show how much love she can give not just to me but to everybody else that works as well .

Loren O’Connor: I love Brandman because we have great collaboration.

Brenda Darcy: The academic advising programs because I really like my academic advisor.

Valerie LaFlamme: I love working in the marketing department, love the different personalities that are in there.

Glenn Worthington: I love the people! I love the students, faculty, staff, administrators. It’s just a great place to be, even on Valentine’s Day.

Diana Santos: I love Brandman because I love my team and what I do here.

O’Connor: Everyone is supportive of each other, they’re outgoing, they’re passionate. They’re excited.

Edward De La Torre and Massiel Perez: And we love Brandman because we’re part of the Ed.D. program that is innovative, challenging and prepares us for a brighter future. Woohooo!

Cindy O’Dell: I love Brandman because I get to make fun videos like this!

Jimenez: The staff is wonderful. My classmates are the best classmates you could ever have.

Shannon Feightner: I love Brandman because I get to work with so many great people like Andrae.

Andrae Vigil-Romero: And I love Brandman because I get to work with great people like Shannon!