Five Do’s and Don’ts of Media Relations

media relationsPR Newswire recently shared a great guide to media relations. As social engagement becomes a key priority for all content creators including journalists, generating earned media is even more of a challenge. Often times the potential popularity of a story can trump news value, so if a journalist shows interest in your story, you must be prepared to make the most of that opportunity. Ensure your coverage is high-quality and portrays your brand in the most positive light by following these do’s and don’ts of media relations:

1. Don’t be generic by offering stories or advice that is widely available or common

Do tell a unique story that is memorable and difficult for competing brands to duplicate

2. Don’t ramble on and risk losing the journalist’s interest in what you are saying

Do offer short sound bites that tell your story or helpful tips in easily digestible pieces

3. Don’t waste time by neglecting to prepare a press kit

Do provide everything the journalist needs to cover your story including headshots, photos, and video clips of other interviews or speaking engagements that prove your credibility

4. Don’t be too self-serving by blatantly pitching your products

Do be a thought-leader and incorporate your offerings into a story or lesson that the audience will gain value from

5. Don’t provide expertise outside of your professional interests that doesn’t make sense for your brand

Do be genuine to who you are and your beliefs

For additional advice and discussion on how to avoid the most common media relations pitfalls, read the latest article by best-selling author and media training expert, Susan Harrow, on PR Newswire’s Small Business Toolkit:

SOURCE PR Newswire Association LLC