Meet my new sidekick Chiquita

chiquita the skateboarding dogLast week I saw a story from NBC-4 in Los Angeles by Christina Cocca about a cute Chihuahua that loves to ride on a skateboard. But her adorable talent was not the reason she was in the news – it was because somebody had surrendered her to the Baldwin Park Animal shelter in LA, and the 6-year-old sweetheart needed a new home.

I’ve had a canine sidekick for years, but when I moved to Southern California from my native Iowa about a year and a half ago, I had to leave my dog Libby (also a rescue) behind until I got settled in; my parents took her in. It was always my intention to bring her out here, but during that time my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and Libby proved to be a strong positive influence in mom’s life and she is completely attached – there is simply no way I could bring Libby to CA without breaking her heart. Mom and dad have adopted Libby as their own, so I have been thinking about adopting a small dog that would fit me well.

When I saw the NBC 4 story and this video of Chiquita, I immediately contacted the shelter. I heard back from Isha Willits with the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, who suggested I come up and see her in person. I did, and tonight Chiquita is sleeping on my lap as I write this blog. It was love at first sight!

The shelter also gave me the doggie skateboard, which she absolutely loves. Some friends are going to help me build her a new one! In preparation for my adoption today she had to get some shots and a microchip, so it was a long day for Chiquita, but she wanted some skateboarding time, and I took her for a stroll and short ride. She was an immediate hit with the neighbors. Here’s a video of her I posted on Facebook.

She is a very, very sweet and shy dog. Apparently she was given up for financial reasons, and it’s clear she was not given the best care in the past – she has some minor health issues that need to be addressed and will have to be spayed before I can register her, but I have a veterinarian lined up to nurse her back to perfect health, so  look for us out and about in Laguna Beach soon! Thank you NBC-4 for helping us find each other!

See a photo of her resting during the hour-long ride to her new home on Instagram at