Fizziology Announces New Social Media Analytics for Television

Fizziology’s SocialDensity analytics quantify the value of a show beyond ratings.

Social media research company Fizziology is introducing SocialDensity, new analytics for buyers and sellers of television advertising to quantify the social impact of a show. A leader in theatrical film tracking of social media conversation since late 2009, Fizziology is now providing analysis and insights to television studios, networks, media agencies and brands.

Announced during television upfronts week, SocialDensity is designed to measure the social impact of programs and quantify the value of that impact. Because ratings are only one of the dimensions of value for advertisers and networks to consider, SocialDensity measures the influence, sharing and anticipation that can’t be assessed by ratings alone. Just as ratings services provide a numerical representation of viewership, SocialDensity provides ratings on a show’s volume and sentiment. This score can be used as a point of comparison with traditional ratings or combined to create a more holistic view of a program’s value.

“As media buyers and sellers gather this week at the television upfronts, they will use a combination of projected ratings, guaranteed ratings and gut feel to commit hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Jen Handley, COO and co-creator of Fizziology. “In this day and age when anything and everything can be measured, we believe SocialDensity will provide immediate analytical value.”

Ben Carlson, Fizziology’s president and co-creator, adds, “Not all ratings points are created equal. That’s why there is a premium cost-per-point on ‘hot’ shows. SocialDensity’s scores can be layered on top of traditional ratings to provide a new, smarter way to buy and sell television ads.”

Take for example two of the hottest sitcoms from last year’s upfronts, Fox’s “New Girl” and CBS’s “Two Broke Girls.” Both were hits this year, but one had an impact with audiences beyond just ratings — and advertisers in that show had a halo effect. Fizziology is sharing this case study with interested brands, agencies and networks for a limited time.

Building on its proven track record of analyzing social media sentiment to provide advertising advice, casting guidance and even box office predictions to the movie industry, Fizziology is expanding on this experience to provide research and consulting to the television industry. Unlike thin social listening dashboards, Fizziology uses real people in the analytics process to ensure an extremely high level of accuracy in the analysis and to unearth deeper insights. Fizziology’s highly trained team of analysts can detect sarcasm, misspellings and slang better than a software program, which means social media conservations are properly graded for sentiment — not to mention trends and conversation drivers that would otherwise be missed by an automated keyword search are spotted.

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