Tweet to local reporter turns into TV story seen all over the U.S.

Here is a real life example of why Twitter is essential to public relations, whether you are a P.R. pro or business owner trying to promote your company.

It’s no secret that Twitter is a powerful tool for connecting and interacting with local reporters; this week provided a good example as to why Twitter is essential to public relations – whether you are a verteran P.R. pro or business owner trying to promote your company.

I saw a tweet from Tim Vetscher, a Phoenix TV reporter who works for ABC 15. He had a story lined up, but something fell through and he turned to Twitter for any quick story ideas.

That’s the nature of TV news – sometimes you are scrambling at the last minute, and Twitter is perfect for reporters in those times. I saw his Tweet and I had a story idea with client Nagle Law Group. The Phoenix law firm offers estate planning services and I learned a hot topic in the field was protecting your “digital” assets after death: the story idea was based on the blog “what happens to your Facebook profile when you die?”

I responded to Tim’s Tweet outlining the story idea and what viewers could learn from the legal experts at Nagle Law Group. I could also offer an interview with a prominent blogger who was meeting with them to discuss her digital assets – a face behind the trend. The story had perfect elements for a good TV segment: human emotions, a heartfelt personal interview, an expert to give practical advice – and Facebook. He liked the idea and we set it up. Here’s the resulting story:

The segment ran during Monday’s 6PM newscast. But it didn’t stop there – Tim did a great job with the story and it had national relevance, so it was shared with other ABC affiliates. The next day my media monitoring company, Media Watch AZ, alerted me that the story had aired not just on ABC affiliates, but stations all across the United States. [TIP: If it has national relevance, always use a media monitoring company to see if your local story gets picked up in other markets].

Within a couple of days, some 52 different TV stations from across the country had aired the story. I don’t have the Nielsen numbers yet, but one Tweet turned into a TV story seen all over the U.S. by a huge number of people. If you are not utilizing Twitter as part of your P.R. strategy you are missing huge opportunities. Want to learn more about social media P.R. strategies? Contact me today!