What Consumer Roadblocks Are Affecting Your Brand?

No matter what your company’s products or services, it is important to understand the consumer’s experience with your brand from start to finish – especially the delivery and implementation channels. When conducting a brand audit for new clients I focus closely on the end consumer experience: does your brand live up to its promises? What roadblocks are there in the delivery or implementation? How can those be improved or removed altogether?

You can deploy every marketing tool in the book and spend tons of money on massive advertising campaigns to build awareness of your brand, but in the end it is the customer experience that matters – especially in the age of Twitter and Facebook. For example, what is the ultimate business goal of a television station or network? Providing on-air content that people want to watch and advertisers want to sponsor. Whether it is news programming, a drama, a sitcom or reality show, they all have one goal in common: capture viewers. Networks and TV stations bombard us with promotions to get our attention (and hopefully our eyeballs).

With that in mind, here’s an example of a consumer roadblock I observed last night. I am a big fan of Nightline on ABC and watch it every weeknight (usually on DVR). Last night during Nightline I saw a promo for a new show on ABC that caught my attention. Body of Proof looks interesting to me; the drama (previously known as Body of Evidence) stars Dana Delany as a neurosurgeon-turned-medical examiner whose expertise helps solve murder cases. Here’s a screen shot:

The promo did its job by capturing my curiosity and I decided to check it out when the show launches next week. Like so many people, I’m a busy guy and use my DVR heavily; so, after seeing the promo I immediately picked up the remote to record the premiere of Body of Proof. But I wasn’t able to. Take a look at what showed up when I went to its time slot to schedule a recording:


Obviously ABC 15 is at the mercy of Cox Communications (my cable provider) here, and this situation has happened several times before with other TV stations; I’ll hear about a show and try to find it in the digital program schedule so I can record it, but the data is not current enough to do so. I am not sure what the solution is here – perhaps Cox needs some technology improvements – but it is important to both the ABC network and ABC 15 affiliate to know about this consumer roadblock because DVR views are now part of the overall Nielsen ratings.

What roadblocks are (or have been) affecting your brand? If you don’t know the answer to that question, contact me about conducting a brand audit today. Check out the promo for ABC’s new Body of Proof below; hopefully I will remember to schedule it on my DVR.