Dr. Oz Operates on Jimmy Fallon During TV Show

The “Dr. Oz Show” goes boldly where no other show has gone before. For the first time ever, Dr. Oz performs surgery on a celebrity patient right on Dr. Oz’s stage. The patient is none other than late night talk show host and friend Jimmy Fallon! Then it’s Dr. Oz’s turn to be the patient when he undergoes a procedure with Jimmy Fallon assisting Dr. Arthur Perry and Oz’s sister Seval offering support. The segments will air in an episode to run next Wednesday (February 23).

As Dr. Oz and Jimmy Fallon are neighbors with their studios right across from each other at New York’s famed 30 Rock, Jimmy showed Dr. Oz his mole on his left hand which the doctor diagnosed as a blue nevi. When Dr. Oz appeared as a guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on January 6, 2011, Dr. Oz invited Jimmy to come on the show to have the potentially cancerous mole removed (after a biopsy, the mole was determined to be not cancerous).

Jimmy arrived in a hospital gown and, despite some nerves, he put his trust in the hands of Dr. Oz and physician Dr. Arthur Perry. As he sat in the operating room chair and doctors made incisions and sutures, Jimmy turned his eyes away, unable to watch.  He sang verses of the National Anthem and cracked jokes as the audience squealed and chanted in support, “Jimmy! Jimmy!” When the audience was silent during certain moments of the surgery, Jimmy pled for their support.

“The audience was being really nice, acting like nothing was happening. It was like a ‘Saved By The Bell’ episode, they kept saying whoa. I said, ‘Please make different sound effects, you guys. Just laugh at it, please. Whatever’s really painful (to watch), just laugh,’” Fallon said on the show.

And how was Jimmy as a patient? “We had to struggle to get him downstairs to the studio after wrestling to the ground. He yelled and screamed throughout this. God knows why. It was a tiny little needle,” Dr. Oz said. “What a cry baby. I didn’t even get his co-pay. I’m going to send him a bill. A big bill.”

Then Jimmy got his chance to play doctor and inflict some pain on Dr. Oz in the next segment as Dr. Oz agreed to have an under-eye scar removed in front of his audience.  First, though, Dr. Oz’s sister Seval came on the show to settle a long-standing argument with her brother about the scar below his eye. An old childhood wound, Dr. Oz claimed the scar was caused by Seval when she threw a rock at him in a basketball game. Seval claimed it never happened.

With siblings of his own, Jimmy acted as mediator and the two decided to call a truce by having the scar removed once and for all on the show.  With cameras rolling, Dr. Arthur Perry returned to perform the laser surgery, while Jimmy assisted by holding the laser.