‘In Our Genes’ introduces new heart disease clothing line

IOG's new shirts show the genetic fingerprint of heart disease

In Our Genes (IOG) – the Clothing for Cures™ Company – has developed and marketed the first genetic-art clothing line for the mass market; a green line of apparel featuring genetically rendered DNA prints of some of the most challenging diseases. The branded apparel comes with a charitable tie, making IOG the only apparel maker whose entire purpose for existing is to make clothing that funds genetic research for disease management and cures. In honor of Heart Health Month – an official observance across the U.S. in February – IOG has announced the release of its latest signature product; a t-shirt with the genetic markers for heart disease – the most preventable of the “top killers” that affect humankind.

Dubbed the founding father of genetic art by Newsweek magazine, In Our Genes founder Darrin Grandmason envisioned a product that puts substance behind style: imprint stylish clothes with the genetic markers that determine the chance of an array of illnesses. The large prints appear in bold, illness-specific colors on the face of t-shirts, allowing consumers to wear their support. For example: the Heart Disease Tee is themed with red genetic markers. Consumers can also gift the shirts to people they know affected by disease, and write personal(ized) messages of hope on the garments with the product’s patent-pending “Intent and Declare Panel.”

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women,” Grandmason said. “The demand for our inaugural product – the Breast Cancer Tee – created such buzz and demand that we realized the need to execute our full vision of apparel covering the Top 20 killer diseases in the world. The Heart Disease Tee was a logical next step. The colored ribbons we’ve grown accustomed to seeing have long represented and promoted ‘awareness’ about killer diseases. IOG’s approach is different. We make full apparel lines dedicated exclusively to funding cures.”

More than just a shirt
In Our Genes has created and patented an innovative “Intent and Declare Panel” where customers who gift a shirt can write personal messages on the back inside of the garment; the private message provides a regular reminder of support from the shirt giver. Additionally, a significant portion of sales will be allocated to actively fight disease through the company’s “5 for Thrive” program, which guarantees that five dollars from every purchase goes directly to an aligned charity, regardless of selling price.

In Our Genes is guided by a consistent message of awareness, will and optimism, through its trademarked motto “Know. Fight. Thrive™.” IOG strives to make consumers aware that knowledge is essential for the fight; will is an amazing gift and optimism can predict the future. Prevention and early testing (Know) along with money devoted to research (Fight) and messages of hope (Thrive) all work in together to help combat illness. For more information visit www.inourgenes.com.