Facebooking while on the toilet? New survey finds 1/3 do

Are you so addicted to Facebook that you check it while you’re doing your business in the bathroom? According to a new study nearly one-third of those surveyed said yes.

As Facebook, social media and mobile usage continues its explosive growth, AIS Media asked people a rather personal question: do you ever use Facebook on your mobile device while you’re in the bathroom? According to the results, nearly one-third (27 percent) of survey respondents say “yes”.

AIS Media conducted a survey of 500 people in the U.S. in January. Among those that answered “yes”, the survey found that Facebook usage on mobile devices in the bathroom was higher among women with 54.4% of female respondents admitting to doing it compared to only 45.6% of male respondents.  Usage in the bathroom was greatest among the 30-49 age category.

“We know that Facebook penetration in the US is above 43%”, said Dr. Edward E. Rigdon, Professor of Marketing in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. “I imagine most people carry their phone with them, in pocket or purse. People receive emails on their phone alerting them to Facebook messages or postings, and many people respond by reflex.  This study illustrates one of (what I consider to be) the four main ways in which marketing is changing–it is becoming more ubiquitous. Marketing is everywhere, and anything can be marketing.”

“While it may seem humorous to survey people about their Facebook usage while in the bathroom, the results underscore the proliferation of consumer social media usage and their strong need to stay connected”, said Thomas Harpointner, CEO of at AIS Media, Inc. “For businesses and brands, social media offers an opportunity to engage potential customers like never before.”

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