Facebook Beats Yahoo in Media Video Traffic

Google is the dominant leader when it comes to generating views of media videos on the Web, historically followed by Yahoo in second place. But, according to a report on Online Video & The Media Industry released jointly by Tubemogul and Brightcove, Facebook has surpassed Yahoo in the third quarter of 2010 to become the second most popular source of clicks to online videos at media sites. (The study measures video views with a focus on newspaper, magazine, broadcast and online media sites).

In Q3, Facebook accounted for 9.6 percent of online video traffic. Google still enjoys a comfortable lead above all with more than 50 percent of the referring traffic coming from search, but that is notably lower than the second quarter 60 percent. In fact, all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) saw a dip in referral traffic to videos on media sites.


The report also evaluates the total number of minutes watched, and viewers coming from Twitter watch longer on-average than people coming from either Facebook or search engines. According to the data, Twitter clicks result in longer video views for broadcast and online media, but views generated on Facebook watch longer on magazine and newspaper sites. Google leads both.

Other key findings include:

  • The most active days of the week by total video views for all media companies were weekdays, in particular peaking on Wednesdays.By category, brand marketers and online media saw peaks in total views on Thursdays.
  • In contrast, the weekends including Friday had the highest engagement per view based on average minutes watched across the aggregate sample.
  • Total Views by Day: Viewership for media companies peaked on Wednesdays, according to Q3 media data. We also saw a higher volume of views during the workdays from Tuesday to Thursday, which is likely because the majority of online video is watched when people spend the most time online–on their computers at work. “Prime time” online video watching behavior for media categories varied greatly depending on the category. Magazines and online media peaked during working hours, while newspapers had more steady engagement into the evening hours. And, as expected, broadcasters total daily views peaked during traditional “prime time” hours from 6-11PM, mirroring their television counterparts.
  • Q3 saw a significant increase in titles uploaded for newspapers, with a quarter to quarter growth of 51%, and a 110% growth compared to the same quarter last year. Newspapers lead the number of titles uploaded for media companies with 482,000 titles uploaded in the quarter.
  • This quarter, we also saw significant growth (23% since last quarter) in title uploads from the online media category, which has now surpassed broadcast uploads, a first this quarter. This represents a 188% increase in video uploads year over year for online media.

To download or view the entire report click here.