Virgin launches PROJECT, the first iPad-only magazine

Virgin Digital Publishing has launched the first global iPad-only magazine – PROJECT, created by Virgin Founder Richard Branson, Holly Branson and Anthony Noguera goes on sale today in the Apple App Store.

PROJECT is “the first global magazine app for creative people about creative people.”

PROJECT is a monthly magazine that will change daily, hourly – minute by minute at times – to give its global audience of early adopters a month of entertainment for less than the price of a decent cup of coffee. It will encourage contributions from its readers, bloggers, anyone with anything interesting to say – it is a magazine that truly evolves, stays fresh and gives new undiscovered talent across the world a voice.

PROJECT has four key editorial pillars – design, entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurs. In addition PROJECT’s international team of contributors will be blogging daily about news, design, film, fashion and technology.
Edited by former Arena editor Anthony Noguera, the launch issue’s cover star is Jeff Bridges, star of the upcoming movie Tron: Legacy. The cover story was written by Christopher Tennant (editor, digital entrepreneur and author once described by PJ O’Rourke as a ‘paragon of naked wit’). The groundbreaking cover shoot and videos were created by legendary photographer Warwick Saint, who has shot for everyone from Vanity Fair to Sports Illustrated.

PROJECT is art directed by award-winning creative director Ché Storey, formerly of Arena and Men’s Health.
Anthony Noguera, editor of PROJECT, said in New York:  “I must be the luckiest editor alive.  To be given the opportunity to create a magazine that is completely unique and innovative, to work with like-minded journalists, contributors and advertisers who are just as passionate and excited as I am about PROJECT has been inspiring.  I am proud of PROJECT.  Proud of what we have achieved and delighted to have played a small part in determining what will become the future of what we as readers expect from the magazines of tomorrow.  Today, PROJECT has set the standard.”
Every month, PROJECT will feature leaders and innovators in their fields. The launch issue’s star cast includes controversial author Rachel Botsman; Rene Redzepi, the chef behind the world’s best restaurant; Yamauchi Kazanori, the visionary games developer behind the astoundingly successful Gran Turismo game series; Soho House legend Nick Jones; and, of course, Hollywood maverick Jeff Bridges.

Sean King, CEO at Seven Squared, said: “PROJECT is the result of genuine creative and commercial collaboration. Over the last few months, we have worked closely with our partners at Virgin Group to develop something totally new to take to consumers. We are justly proud of PROJECT and its incredible content.” The advertising in PROJECT is every bit as eye-catching as the editorial content – visionary launch partners Lexus, American Express, Panasonic, Ford UK, Ford Canada and Kronenbourg 1664 rose to the challenge of this new technology to create innovative, powerful advertising that harnesses the power of the iPad for the first time.

PROJECT magazine demo – issue 1 from Project on Vimeo.

Simon Chappell, Business Development Director at Seven Squared, said: “PROJECT’s advertising partners have worked with us to develop creative concepts that allow consumers to interact with their brands in a new and exciting way. We are looking forward to working with our advertising partners now and in the future to take advantage of the advertising opportunities PROJECT provides.”

Seven Squared and Virgin have worked with The Brooklyn Brothers to develop an unmissable creative marketing campaign to promote PROJECT in the UK, US, and beyond.

For further information, visit the blog at, PROJECT on Facebook or PROJECT on Twitter.

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