Friends Don’t Let Friends Get On Facebook Drunk

Have you ever posted to Facebook after a few too many at the bar, or typed a drunken post to Twitter? Social media hangovers can be awkward – having to apologize for, or explain those late night posts can be embarrassing.

Well now there’s a app for that (sort of). Introducing The Social Media Sobriety Test, a program where you specify a window of time where you don’t think you’d be on the internet while sober — let’s say 1 AM to 6 AM — and anytime you try to access the internet within that timeframe, you’ll have to prove that you are sober. No, you don’t blow into a device like those things they put in your car after a DUI… you must prove you are sober to your computer with your mouse.

The Social Media Sobriety Test is a browser plugin that will conduct sobriety tests on your computer — like seeing if you can make your cursor follow a moving finger for 30 seconds or trace a straight line. If you fail, the program automatically posts a status for you that says “[Your name here] is too intoxicated to post right now.” Once installed, you can set up a watershed period, during which any access to social media websites will be blocked until you pass… it’s a clever solution from web security company Webroot, who markets the product saying “Nothing good happens online after 1am. And since Webroot believes in protecting you in every aspect of your life, including you…”

My guess is though, that more Facebook posts and Tweets come from mobile devices – so maybe there will be an app for that soon – one that prevents drunken texting as well? Regardless, I know a few friends on Facebook who need The Social Media Sobriety Test. 

Have you ever posted something drunk? Share it in the comments section below – would love to hear some funny ones!

Check out this video for more on the Social Media Sobriety Test.