New Facebook Group for Local PR People Can Help Reporters Find Sources Quickly

The new Facebook Groups feature provides an excellent way to connect groups of people that you might not be friends with on Facebook (see my previous post on how Groups work for more info on setting them up). I’ve created a group for public relations, communications and marketing professionals in Phoenix who want to share information and ideas, participate in discussions about our industry and network with others in the field. We also welcome students and those who are just starting a career in PR for mentoring and advice.

Local reporters can take advantage of this group when looking for sources!

If you are a reporter or producer working on a tight deadline and you need a source quickly, simply send an email to That will post your message to our group’s wall, instantly informing PR people what you are looking for. How easy is that?!? Our group continues to grow every day. If you are a PR or communications professional we invite you to join us!