How Facebook Saved A Dog’s Life

Meet Pavel, a two-year-old Pit Bull who somehow found his way into my back yard last week. He was covered in ticks and emaciated – it was obvious he was a stray who had been roaming in the extreme heat for some time. Being the dog lover I am, I took Pavel in, tended to some of his wounds, gave him fresh water and food. He is a very sweet and docile dog who was clearly a great pet, but there was no way to identify his owners – he had no collar and no microchip. I posted photos of him on Pets911 and put up a public posting on Facebook. I checked with neighbors to see if any of them recognize the dog, to no avail.

As much as I wanted to keep him around, we already have three dogs and Pavel needed medical attention, so I called Maricopa County Animal Control. Pavel was taken to the County shelter on 27th Avenue in Phoenix. That evening, my friend Jordan Sperko asked me what would happen to the dog. He saw my posting on Facebook and was interested in taking Pavel in; he wanted to adopt a dog and was specifically looking for a Pit Bull. 

Thrilled at this news, we contacted the shelter to see if anybody had claimed him. They said no, and we learned that he had been scheduled for euthanasia. Maricopa County takes in some 150 – 200 stray dogs every day and simply does not have the facilities to keep them all for adoption. In addition, Pavel’s physical condition would probably deter potential adopters. 

Jordan immediately went to the shelter to see Pavel and it was love at first sight. He pleaded with the shelter manager to release the dog to him for adoption. This morning, I joined Jordan as he “officially” adopted Pavel! After some minor medical procedures, Pavel will be going to his new forever home on Thursday afternoon. I am beyond thrilled that this story has a happy ending! Please join me in applauding Jordan Sperko for being a hero – he has saved Pavel’s life… all thanks to Facebook! We look forward to seeing Pavel for doggie play dates soon!

Jordan officially adopted Pavel today!