Help St. Mary’s Foodbank With the Click of a Mouse

The popular “Biggest Looser” show on NBC, along with corporate sponsors, has put together a national contest to help local communities fight hunger.  It’s called “Pound For Pound,” where you pledge to loose weight as part of a local team. For every pound you pledge to lose, the Pound For Pound Challenge will donate 14¢ to Feeding America®—enough to deliver one pound of groceries to a local family.

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance has the opportunity to snag unclaimed dollars from Feeding America as part of the Pound For Pound Challenge– but we need to move fast!
Really, it is a few simple clicks to raise thousands of dollars for St. Mary’s.
Here is how it works:
1.      Go to , and click on the blue “Pledge Now” box.
2.      Enter your birth date (you must be at least 14 to pledge to lose weight) and continue
3.      Enter “85009” as the zip code so your pledge goes to St. Mary’s and continue
4.      Enter your weight loss pledge (each pound pledged is worth 14 cents and every pound counts) and continue
5.      Enter your first and last name and either home or work email (you will not receive any mail if you do the next step correctly)
6.      When you continue to the next page, hit “Skip this Step & Submit”
That’s it! You’re done. You will not be sent any junk mail and there is no “Pound For Pound Police” to check and make sure you lost the weight, and the more you pledge, the bigger the donation. But if you pledge a 20-pound weight loss, you are donating $2.80 to the Food Bank. If you pledge the max (50 pounds), the donation is $7.00.
But hurry, you MUST pledge by Wednesday, June 30.