Nielson: Social Networks/Blogs Now Account for One in Every Four and a Half Minutes Online

According to a Nielson report released Tuesday, three of the world’s most popular brands online are social-media related (Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia) and people in the world now spend over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. This equates to 22 percent of all time online or one in every four and half minutes.

For the first time ever, social network or blog sites are visited by three quarters of global consumers who go online, after the numbers of people visiting these sites increased by 24% over last year. The average visitor spends 66% more time on these sites than a year ago, almost 6 hours in April 2010 versus 3 hours, 31 minutes last year.

Brand % of World’s Internet Population visiting brand Time per person (hh:mm:ss)  
Google 82% 1:21:51  
MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 62% 2:41:49  
Facebook 54% 6:00:00  
Yahoo! 53% 1:50:16  
Microsoft 48% 0:45:31  
YouTube 47% 0:57:33  
Wikipedia 35% 0:13:26  
AOL Media Network 27% 2:01:02  
eBay 26% 1:34:08  
Apple 26% 1:00:28  
Source: The Nielsen Company*Global refers to AU, BR, CH, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK & USA only

Brazil not only tops the list of teams favored to win this year’s World Cup, they also top the charts with the highest percentage (86%) of Internet consumers visiting a social network. The popularity of social networking in Brazil is due to the Orkut phenomenon, which first appeared there in 2004 – by September 2005, half of the Brazilian Internet population visited Orkut. Australian web users average the most time on social networking sites, averaging 7 hours 19 minutes in April, followed by the U.S. and Italy with around six and a half hours each.

Reach and Usage by Country / Apr 2010 (Home & Work)
Social Networking / Blog Sites
Country % Reach of Active Users Time per Person (hh:mm:ss)
Brazil 86% 5:03:37
Italy 78% 6:28:41
Spain 77% 5:11:44
Japan 75% 2:50:50
United States 74% 6:35:02
United Kingdom 74% 5:52:38
France 73% 4:10:27
Australia 72% 7:19:13
Germany 63% 4:13:05
Switzerland 59% 3:43:58
Source: The Nielsen Company

Facebook’s reach is the widest in Italy, capturing two-thirds of the active unique audience in April 2010, making the site relatively more popular in Italy than in the three major English-speaking markets. Australia, the U.S. and the UK follow Italy with over 60% of active online consumers visiting the site. In contrast, Japanese people have the least appetite for Facebook, with reach and time spent markedly lower than in any of the other countries measured. Ameba, which offers a micro-blogging platform akin to Twitter, is the most popular social networking and blogging site in Japan, visited by 38% of Japanese people online while Facebook is the 40th most popular.

Facebook Reach and Usage by Country / Apr 2010 (Home & Work)
Country % Reach of Active Users Time per Person (hh:mm:ss)
Italy 66% 7:00:21
Australia 63% 7:45:28
United States 62% 6:43:22
United Kingdom 62% 6:19:59
Spain 57% 4:04:53
France 57% 4:33:05
Switzerland 45% 4:18:47
Germany 27% 3:42:50
Brazil 26% 1:46:50
Japan 3% 0:31:38
Source: The Nielsen Company