Seton Hill University to give a new Apple iPad to every student

Seton Hill University wants to give students the best in technology and collaborative learning tools so they will be uniquely suited to whatever careers they choose.  As part of the university’s Griffin Technology Advantage program, every full-time, undergraduate and graduate student will receive an Apple iPad, starting in the Fall semester of 2010.

Seton Hill leaders say the Griffin Technology Advantage connects students and their professors to versatile, dynamic communities of learners; provides linkages and connections throughout the academic and co-curricular environments; allows any classroom to become a virtual computer lab; provides access to both Mac-and PC-based software applications from a single hardware device; increases more interactive and in-depth teaching and learning experiences; and increases both student learning and entertainment opportunities.

Students at Seton Hill will have lighter backpacks as a result of the program; the iPad will not only be a note taking device, but also serve as the text books for the students by downloading their textbooks from the iBook Store.  Additionally, each iPad will have a phone extension and provide all students with the ability for air sharing and file sharing.

In addition to receiving the iPad, students will benefit from a premier technological infrastructure and advanced technical assistance. The Griffin Technology Advantage includes a completely wireless campus, a quadrupled internet bandwidth, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), an on-campus Apple Certified Service Center, and faculty training in the use of advanced technologies inside and outside the classroom.

“In these challenging economic times, we made strategic decisions to shift resources and invest in technologies that optimize the students’ access to resources.  The Griffin Technology Advantage program provides an opportunity to transform the way faculty teach and the way students learn,” said University president JoAnne Boyle.

“In the past year, Seton Hill has invested more than $1.5 million in a premier technology infrastructure,” Boyle said.  “Seton Hill University provides fast, dependable, and comprehensive services which will assist our students in doing better-better in everything!  Better at compiling and organizing data, better at researching, and better at publishing and presenting information-at accessing, judging, and making decisions.”

The cost to launch the Griffin Technology Advantage to all students was absorbed by the university. The Griffin Technology Advantage will provide incoming students with an iPad, Certified Apple Service Center, and a MacBook, which will be upgraded in the junior year and the student keeps after graduating.  All of this is provided at an affordable cost to the student of $500 per semester.

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