Follow up on personal branding presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended the IABC Phoenix luncheon today to hear me speak about personal branding.  It was fun to present and I hope you had fun participating. Great questions!

You can download a copy of the presentation at this link:

Unfortunately we ran out of time- great questions and dialogue about social media, branding, and how to approach people for testimonials. The final point of my presentation was cut short, so I thought I’d share it with you now.  As I emphasized in the presentation, it’s important to be visible in the community.  A great way to do this is to be a professional volunteer for a nonprofit organization or charitable cause.  Here are some points I didn’t get to about being a volunteer:

  • Serve on charitable event planning committee
  • Pick a nonprofit you like and reach out to them (NPO’s usually have high profile Boards)
  • Great networking
  • Gets your name out there
  • Don’t be a lazy volunteer – it does more harm than help to your personal brand

If you attended the event I would like your feedback!  Complete this short survey and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win your own customized, personal brand t-shirt!
If you have any comments or additional questions feel free to post them below. Thank you!


  1. Hi Joe,

    I very much enjoyed the presentation. You made excellent points about using social media and presented them clearly and concisely. I wonder if others are like me, though, and need help creating the brand/persona. I’m a baby boomer w varied work and volunteer experience, and newly unemployed. I have an array of skills/interests/talents/traits, but I’m not sure which to emphasize and which actually might work against me. I suspect there are others in my situation.

    BTW, I keep getting an error message (404) when I try to submit the survey.

    Thanks for asking!

  2. Joe,
    Thanks so much for making the time to deliver your presentation on personal branding to the IABC Phoenix audience. You had a lot of great information to share, including ways for people to utilize social media to enhance their personal brand. I think one of the best points you made, however, was the importance of getting out from behind the computer, meeting with people in-person, and building those relationships. And I agree with your point above about the value of serving as a professional volunteer for a nonprofit organization or charitable cause. There are so many groups here in the Valley that can benefit from communicators offering to volunteer. For IABC Phoenix members, the chapter offers numerous opportunities to get involved and either showcase areas of expertise or build skills in a new area — Another great opportunity to extend your personal brand. I always enjoy hearing what you have to share, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. I look forward to keeping in touch via Twitter and hope to see you in-person again sometime soon.

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