My Happy Dance for Peter Shankman: “Twiller”

We did this all in one day- we had 12 hours, from 9AM to 9PM to learn as much of the Zombie March from “Thriller” as possible and then go to First Studio in Phoenix to shoot the video. Trust me, every muscle in my body hurt for two days and I have newfound respect for professional dancers.

I’d like to thank all of my social media friends who helped make this happen:

  • Jeremiah Cohick (@JeremiahLee) and Arthur Nicholls (@arthurnicholls) who drove all the way from Los Angeles! I met Jeremiah on Twitter a few months ago and we had only met once in person, yet they were willing to drive across the desert to come and help.
  • Jose Gonzalez (@Jose602) from the Torch Theatre, who graciously provided rehearsal space at Space 55 for us during the day.
  • Kevin Horton (@tvkevin) who I met a few months ago on Facebook. Kevin owns tvkevin productions and is one of the most talented video producers in the area. A veteran news and entertainment photographer with an eye for details that will make your project shine, I recommend you hire him for your video needs!
  • Phoenix dance instructors Andrew Balderrama and Cullen Daniel, who both responded to a posting on Facebook for choreography help- we had never met in person, only knew each other through mutual friends on Facebook. And hey, we are geeks with no rhythm… this wasn’t easy for any dance instructor!
  • Ken and Laurie Easley saved us from the extreme heat advisory (we were orginially going to shoot Thriller outside in a spooky alley downtown). Ken Easley is a commercial photographer in Phoenix and owns First Studio, the very first TV station built in Phoenix in 1949. It has been converted into a unique space for video production and photography. The space is available for rent!
  • Mike Chesworth, a Phoenix-based freelance film producer and editor helped us immensely with costume preparation, studio direction during the Thriller shoot, and editing.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Paul Hanavan (@phanavan) and Kennelle Clark: my two dearest friends and consummate supporters. Thank you for all you do… Paul became a backup dancer when somebody didn’t show up and Kennelle managed logistics and the ever-important food for the day.


  1. It’s SoHot in Phoenix … butt … I would LOVE to be your North Bay connection.

  2. You had fun — and we had fun watching! That’s the idea! Good job!

  3. This is so bad, it’s good!!! made me laugh.

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  5. That was just too cool. I get HARO everyday. Really cool Joe and Peter!

  6. This is so funny! What great sports y’all are.

  7. Your video Twiller rocks! Those are the scariest dance moves I have seen in a long time!!

    Love your sense of humor.

    Rock on guys!

  8. HARO link alert!

    you got a friend on facebook AND you got this plugged in HARO?

    creative geenius alert! a feat in and of itself!



  9. Vanessa Lowry says:

    Love this. Just posted on my FB wall. Fun, fun, fun!

  10. Very fun – and clever. Next time this old PR gal needs help, I’ll think of you!

  11. Hilarious! Great way to make it fun for everyone. Congrats on the mention, too!

  12. Catherine Merritt says:

    Amazing! Please tell me when you’re in Chicago next… I think we should do a midwest version of this!

  13. Oh, I’m DEFINITELY in on a Chicago version. End of story.

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