Are you a former journalist with a new career? I want to interview you

It’s official. I’ve started writing my first book. The idea came from a surprising media response when I founded “I Should Be In The News” or ISBITN, a modern nonprofit organization that seeks to provide a voice to communities (see

When I launched ISBITN and began promoting it, I talked to reporters all over the country. While I was trying to reach media to help spread the word about ISBITN, reporters started contacting me for “off the record” help. In the press release announcing ISBITN and on the website, I mention that I’m a journalist-turned-PR-pro; a number of reporters who saw that contacted me because they were preparing to transition out of media and didn’t know where to begin.Both TV and print journalists from a wide range of media outlets were seeking advice.  It’s no surprise that a lot of media professionals are wondering about their future with audiences shifting and they could learn a lot from those of us who’ve made the leap. A former journalist myself, I was only on the media side for a few years when I decided to transition to PR and pursue a master’s degree. I’m close to several reporters who’ve joined us on the “dark side” (cue Darth Vader sound effect) and advised them as a friend. The title is still in the copyright phase, but this book will be a guide for members of the media who are making the transition to another career.

I want to interview as many transitioned media professionals (and those making a move now) as I can. I’d like to connect with more reporters, anchors, producers and editors who are exiting, stage-right. I want to hear good stories, war stories, successes, failures, everything… my goal is to write a comprehensive, practical guide through the experiences of those who’ve been there.  If you are a former journalist, or know one, please complete this short survey– I want to interview you!

All Proceeds Going to ISBITN
Because the idea blossomed from ISBITN, I am going to dedicate ALL proceeds from the book to the development of the website.  ISIBTN is now a nonprofit organization and we are launching a fundraiser soon. We still seek PR and media volunteers! Visit for more information.


  1. Joe-I was impressed to hear you were working on this project. The relationship between media and public relations professionals can be easily strained and I think utilizing these “cross-over” professionals will help us all communicate better with the media. Keep up the great work!

  2. Joe, I am a Brazilian journalist. I used to be a reporter for newspaper, TV producer and reporter, online news agency editor and reporter, corporate magazine editor and later on crossed the aisle and became a public relations/public affairs/marketing professional. I am impressed with your interesting project and wish you all the best. I am here if you want to talk. Paula

  3. Joe, when you’re ready, let’s talk. I made the transition a long time ago, and paid a career counselor to help do it. I think it was worth every cent. Pete Faur

  4. Joe, I spent eight years as a sports reporter with the East Valley Tribune. Fortunately, I saw the writing on the wall a bit earlier than everyone else. I enrolled in an MBA program about three years ago and now work as a marketing copywriter for a local Fortune 500. I also do freelance writing on the side. I’d love to chat! Feel free to email me.

  5. Joe–I spent 30 years in Television news. After getting laid off I tried corporate comm and then went into PR. I would be happy to talk to you.

  6. Victoria says:

    Hello Joe 🙂
    I spent some time in a small market as a producer and reporter before I made the bittersweet decision to return to Phx…decided to get out while I was still young! I returned to a local station, but opted for media sales that time around and now enjoy handling PR for a small boutique ad agency in Old Town Scottsdale. I wish you the best with your exciting venture and of course am free to talk!

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