UNLV segment among Leno’s “Greatest Jaywalking Moments” and other Higher Ed news

A recap of higher ed news stories I Tweeted this week (follow me @joePRguy):

Japan university gives away iPhones to students (it’s really a ploy to track them!) http://budurl.com/bpgu

George Mason University Innovates To Boost Enrollment http://budurl.com/y9lg

University Sues Porn Website Over Name http://budurl.com/2u69

Down economy means better dorms for these college students http://budurl.com/n5cu

University of Illinois admits it bowed to clout on admissions http://budurl.com/u8l8

And, finally… watching the last episode of Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show, I was tickled to see UNLV students in the “Greatest Moments in Jaywalking” segment- which I coordinated when I worked in UNLV public affairs under chief Hilaire Grey and former president Carol Harter. Jay Leno came to the 2006 commencement and filmed a “Jaywalking” segment with fresh UNLV graduates (in cap-and-gown) after the ceremony. The typical Jaywalking segment tends to make people look rather silly; I didn’t want UNLV students to look stupid, so I worked with his producers and writers to make it a unique segment: who’s smarter-men or women? Rather than asking questions of individuals like the typical Jaywalking, we had pairs of men and women. They stood in cap and gown, holding bells in thier hands to answer when Jay asked a question. We kept a tally of correct answers for both. The UNLV grad who made the “Greatest Moments” segment was a guy who answered: what are the first words of the Bible? His response was “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

The segment was great (trying to find an online clip), making UNLV look like a hip place to attend college in front of a national audience. By the way, I think the women won if I remember correctly? Thanks for the 17 years, Jay!