Wall Street Journal: Job Seekers Bend Ears of Advisors, Recruiters

Job Seekers Bend Ears of Advisors, Recruiters
NOVEMBER 17, 2008


Seconds after exiting Interstate 10 in Phoenix one afternoon last month, Joe Cockrell saw a state trooper signaling him to pull over. But instead of demanding his driver’s license and registration, the patrolman asked, “What’s Jobing.com?”

Mr. Cockrell breathed a sigh of relief. His Ford Escape was wrapped in an ad for the specialized employment-listing site and it had been attracting a lot of attention.

The trooper “said his wife had just got laid off and they have a baby on the way,” recalls Mr. Cockrell, who until two weeks ago was director of public relations for Jobing.com. He gave the trooper his business card and a company pamphlet listing job-search tips. He says the trooper thanked him — and added: “Be sure to turn on your blinker when exiting the freeway.”
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