Wall Street Journal: Companies Help Employees Deal With Fuel Costs

Companies Help Employees Deal With Fuel Costs

Like Ms. Chiara, more workers are reacting to the increase in gas prices by taking advantage of benefits their employers have been offering for years. Phoenix-based Jobing Inc. has found more employees are showing interest in a seven-year-old program that covers 100% of their fuel costs. The catch: Workers have to wrap their cars with an advertisement for the company.


Today, 60% of Jobing’s 276-person work force — or about 166 people — is participating, up from less than 10 people in the program’s first three years, says Joe Cockrell, director of public relations for the publisher of Jobing.com, an employment Web site. Mr. Cockrell is among them: In December he turned over his new Ford Escape for ad-wrapping in exchange for gas money, saving him about $200 a month. He says most employees who sign up reference current gas prices as their main incentive. read the rest of the article at Wall Street Journal>>